Short Computer Education Related Bio

Kathy Howell has been using computers and teaching since 1980. Her first computer was a Sinclair ZX80 (more ZX80 info) which she purchased as a mental challenge to contrast her days filled with teaching high school science and math classes. Kathy has taught computing on Apple IIs, Kaypros, the original Visicalc spreadsheet, programming courses (including COBOL and LOGO), on through the evolution of the technology to today's latest Windows-based applications. Kathy has 13 years of experience teaching computing at the high school and college level combined with 5 years experience in the business sector providing computer support and training.

Kathy takes a personal interest in each of her student's learning and continually explores ways to improve the teaching and learning of computing concepts. In 1984 Kathy completed a M.S. in computer education at Northwest Missouri State University. Kathy completed her Ph.D. in computer science education at Oregon State University in 1996 and has been teaching and providing computer support and training in the College of Forestry since that time.

While Kathy loves her work, after 5:00pm she doesn't do computing for fun. Away from work Kathy prefers flying stunt kites, playing with the neighbor kids, and making music on the mountain dulcimer or concertina.