My Collection of Sport Kites


(60" x 29" / 6.8 oz.)
A beginner/intermediate kite. A popular choice of many beginning flyers (because it's relatively inexpensive and holds up fairly well to the inevitable unplanned landings). The Cheetah will "pull" in a good wind and makes enough noise to let those around you know someone is flying a kite! Made of ripstop nylon with a tubular fiberglass frame. Wind speed: 7-25 mph.

Available from Once Upon a Breeze
and Catch The Wind

Bandit from Go Fly a Kite

(68" x 25" / 6.5 oz.) An inexpensive, $40, intermediate/expert kite. This kite is quick, responsive, and great fun to fly. The Bandit has a light-weight hollow tube graphite frame and a high aspect ratio with wing edge battens. The wing edge battens make for a kite that is quiet in the air. Wind range is rated at 5-25 mph and the recommended line is 80 lb. test.

Available from 10-Again Kites

A Saturday Morning at the Beach, 14-Jun-1997

Prism Ion

6' by 3' 11'' (1.80 by 1.20 m)
An "inexpensive" high performance kite, highly recommended in rec.kites newsgroup. It can be somewhat radical, so it may be difficult for beginners but has easy adjustments for degree of radical flight and wind speed. Manufactured by Prism Kites (i.e., high quality construction) and comes with a fairly good book/manual on sport kite flying. Wind speed: 3-20 mph.

Available from Kitty Hawk Kites

Stinger Slash

(100" x 45")
Stable and deliberate, very strong pull, medium to fast, crisp and accurate. Easy to fly but with a sting in its tail. Great for beginners and the more advanced. The Slash meets the demands from novice to competition level. Great ballet kite, striking graphics. Beman frame. My best low-wind kite. Wind speed: 4-25 mph. Use 100# to 200# line.

Available from Catch The Wind

A Friday Afternoon at the Beach, 20-Sep-1996

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