National Center for Accessible Transportation

Research and Educational Opportunities at NCAT

The National Center for Accessible Transportation (NCAT) offers unique opportunities in engineering, transportation and bio-mechanics education and research at Oregon State University. NCAT is the Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (RERC) for Accessible Public Transportation that is funded by the US Department of Education National Institute of Disability and Rehabilitation Research.

Opportunities for Students

In order to strengthen the pool of talented professionals working to meet the challenges of developing accessible transportation infrastructure, and services, NCAT offers students from various academic disciplines a number of unique research, education, and funding opportunities. NCAT also provides an opportunity for students to work on interdisciplinary teams that blend the allied health professions and engineering. NCAT is a sponsor of OSU Honor College Courses and Theses. In addition, NCAT offers summer internships to high achieving high school students who are considering careers in engineering, medicine or the allied health professions.

Research Opportunities

NCAT’s research focuses on accessible transportation and applies the principles of universal design to solving problems of access to transportation infrastructure and services. Accessible transportation benefits all people. NCAT supports undergraduates, graduate students and interns on various research projects. Students gain valuable experience related to their study while receiving financial support for their academic studies.

NCAT will also offer Post–Doctoral Research Opportunities for new Ph.D., in bio-mechanics or mechanical engineering, although other research areas will be considered.

Career Development

NCAT provides students with a number of career-building activities, including support for travel for students to participate in professional conferences and seminars.

Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates and High School Students

College undergraduates and high school students have the opportunity to conduct multidisciplinary research at NCAT during the summer. In addition to gaining hands-on research experience, students receive training in specialized areas, participate in laboratory work and site visits, and attend weekly staff meetings.

K-12 Outreach

In order to develop interest in allied health professions and engineering among pre-college age youth and to increase the diversity of students pursuing transportation-related degrees and careers, NCAT participates in a number of K-12 outreach activities. These activities are coordinated through the OSU College of Engineering and College and Health and Human Sciences Outreach Program Offices.

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