Yeongjin Jang


Assistant Professor
School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS)
College of Engineering,
Oregon State University

Please refer to my CV and Google Scholar Profile
to learn more about my prior research projects.


  • [09/16/2018] Our graduate CTF team, OSUGradBeavers, topped CSAW CTF for the US-Canada Region!
  • [08/23/2018] I am on the news at CyberOregon and GT SCS News!
  • [08/15/2018] QSym won the Distinguished Paper Award at USENIX Security '18!
  • [08/12/2018] Team DEFKOR00T won the DEF CON 26 CTF!
  • [08/01/2018] POSUP is accepted to PoPETS '19!
  • [07/23/2018] I will be participating in DEF CON CTF Final as a member of team DEFKOR00T. Please come to the CTF table and see me!
  • [05/02/2018] QSym is accepted to USENIX Security '18!
  • [04/07/2018] OSU won the Regional Champion Award from DoE Cyber Defense Competition!
  • [09/20/2017] SGX-Bomb is accepted to SysTEX '17!
  • [08/04/2017] I defended my dissertation, and my Ph.D. degree will be awarded at the end of today!


His research focus lies in computer systems security in general,
especially in identifying and analyzing emerging attacks to
computer systems to build countermeasures to keep systems secure.

The following keywords describe my research interests:
trustworthy computing, Intel SGX, vulnerability discovery and analysis,
developing exploit primitives, memory corruption mitigation, jailbreaking, side-channel attacks,
penetration test, and malware.

His prior research projects covered in popular media including:
MIT Technology Review, Forbes, Reuters, CBS News, Wired, CNN, Telegraph, and many more.

In addition to the academic works, he has been enjoying capture-the-flag (CTF) contests.
He received the Black Badge from DEF CON, as the winner (team DEFKOR) of DEF CON 23 CTF (2015) and the winner (team DEFKOR00t) of DEF CON 26 CTF (2018).

Prior to joining to Oregon State University,
he received his Ph.D. and master's degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2017 and 2016, respectively,
and he earned his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from KAIST (2010).

To prospective students and researchers:

I'm planning to recruiting two Ph.D. students, a postdoc,
and visiting researchers (including Undergraduate students).
Please feel free to contact me if you would like to join my research group.


My Erdős Number is 4:

(Paul Erdős -> Noga Alon -> Richard J. Lipton -> Wenke Lee -> Yeongjin Jang)
(Paul Erdős -> Noga Alon -> Richard J. Lipton -> Taesoo Kim -> Yeongjin Jang)
(Paul Erdős -> Noga Alon -> Richard J. Lipton -> Alexandra Boldyreva -> Yeongjin Jang).

My Academic Family Tree

Security + Mathematics:

Yeongjin Jang -> Wenke Lee (Bothunter/Botsniffer/Botminer, Ether, etc.) ->
Sal Stolfo -> Jacob Schwartz -> Nelson Dunford -> Jacob Tamarkin ->
Andrei Markov (his chain!) -> Pafnuty Chebyshev (his inequality!) -> ...

OS + Physics:

Yeongjin Jang -> Taesoo Kim -> Nickolai Zeldovich (HiStar, CryptDB, etc.) ->
David Mazières (Get me off your f-----g mailing list, etc.) ->
M. Frans Kaashoek (Exokernel, Chord, SV6, etc.) -> Andrew Tanenbaum (MINIX!) ->
John Wilcox -> Burton Moyer -> Donald Loughridge ->
Robert Millikan (that oil drop guy) -> Albert A. Michelson (that lightspeed guy) -> ...