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Jonathan Michael Kaplan

School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
322 Milam Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR  97331

email: Jonathan.Kaplan@oregonstate.edu


What you will find here:

Recent and Ongoing Research:

Here are links to pages with summaries of my current research interests, recent publications, and the like. Since, like most philosophers, I love talking about my own work, feel free to give me a call, send me email, etc., about anything that interests you!

Recent Publications (abstracts)

My CV (A PDF File)

My First Book

My Second Book, Making Sense of Evolution (with Massimo Pigliucci)
    Click here for the website devoted to the great panel discussion of this book (from April 7, 2007)
    Click here for links to some reviews of Making Sense of Evolution

My Current Research Interests



Look here  for information on my teaching interests, including classes I've taught, classes I'm planning to teach, syllabi from old courses, etc.


Personal Interests: Hobbies, Avocations, Tastes...

A fairly random assortment of my hobbies, avocations, interests, and other sundry things...  Enjoy!

Cooking, gardening, eating, drinking...


Musical 'Taste' (Favorite albums and related)

Favorite Links (Coming Soon!)


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