Project 2:

"African Night Flight"


Cabinet and stand in Cherry and Bloodwood.
Finished with Tung and Linseed oil (outside) 
and paste wax (inside).
Completed: 11/01
Cabinet: 21.75" high
9" deep (maximum)
8.5" wide
Stand: 31.5" high
Height of Cabinet on Stand: 51.5"


Click on the image and "view image" using your browser to see the 'full size' picture...



The Progress

Here are some photos of the process of constructing my second cabinet...  This time, I built the door first, and then took it from there...
As you can see, the door is made from bloodwood.  It is coopered, and slightly convex.

The first joint... 

Bloodwood shavings...  Aren't they pretty?!

The coopered door; 
cut to approximate size and shape ...


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