The Limits and Lies of Human Genetic Research

By Jonathan Kaplan

The book counters the currently prevalent view that most important human traits are genetic in origin. We are bombarded by reports in both the popular media and in scientific journals which claim that everything from intelligence to mental illness to weight is genetic. And it becoming increasingly difficult to tell the responsible research from the hype. More importantly, it is difficult to understand what implications, if any, such research has for thinking about social and political policies, or indeed, about how to conceive of ourselves.

The book analyzes the strengths and weaknesses the most prominent techniques used by human genetics researchers. These analyses are then applied to a series of case studies, including recent research into such controversial topics as the genetics of I..Q. differences, weight, sexual orientation, and depression. This book will be of interest to anyone wishing to understand what contemporary human genetic research can and cannot show about the causes of those differences between people.

Published by Routledge

Hardcover (ISBN 0415926378): $85.00

Paper (ISBN 0415926386): $22.99

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