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I am a Professor of Economics in the Department of Economics at Oregon State University. I have been here since 1988 and received my Ph.D degree from the University of Wyoming in 1986. I teach mostly principles of economics, environmental economics, and econometrics. My research is in applied econometrics. Any human behavior that can be quantified (albeit imperfectly) and at least partially understood by applying statistical tools is a potential subject for my research. Past published research include the following topics: biases in statements of willingness to pay from survey respondents; addressing negative willingness to pay for public goods; student cheating and effective measures to reduce it; subsistence natural resources use; contracts between coal mines and electric utilities; differences between the way people say they will vote on bond issues and how they actually vote; relative efficiency of vertically integrated firms; the economic value of blue ribbon trout streams;and the behavior of fly fishermen.
My current research includes issues in forest economics, including carbon sequestration, biodiversity, and the certification of forest lands. One of these projects is funded by the National Commission on Science for Sustainable Forestry, entitled Surveying the Lessons Learned about Managing Forests for Biodiversity Based on Past Experience.


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