Charles E. King 

 Professor Emeritus 

   A.B.   Emory University, 1958
   M.S.   Florida State University, 1960
   Ph.D. University of Washington, 1965


Professional History Publications


Address:  Department of Zoology, Oregon State University, Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2914

My interests are focused on the interface between the population genetics and ecology of cyclical parthenogens, such as rotifers and cladocerans. The classical models of population genetics do not apply to these organisms because their ameiotic parthenogenesis produces clonal groups of genetically identical individuals. Natural selection occurring in this phase leads to changes in the frequencies of different clones rather than different alleles. During the sexual phase, meiosis and recombination break up and reconstitute clonal groups and lower-level genetic variation is exposed to selection. Cyclical parthenogenesis therefore has striking implications on the operation of natural selection and random genetic drift in these populations. I am also interested in the life-history evolution of cyclical parthenogens and on the evolutionary forces producing intermediate as well as extreme frequencies of parthenogenesis and sexual reproduction within populations.


Representative Publications:

King, Charles E. and Lei Zhang. 1994.  The impact of genetic structure on the dynamics of zooplankton populations.  Limnetica.  9: 51-59.

King, Charles E. and Maria R. Miracle. 1995.  Vertical migration by Daphnia longispina in a Spanish lake: Genetic sources of distributional variation.  Limnology and Oceanography.   40: 226-231. 

King, Charles E. and Paul Murtaugh. 1997.  Effects of asexual reproduction on the neighborhood size of cyclical parthenogens.  Hydrobiologia.  358: 55-62. 

King, Charles E. and Manuel Serra. 1998.  Seasonal variation as a determinant of population structure in rotifers reproducing by cyclical parthenogenesis.  Hydrobiologia.  387/388: 361-372. 

Serra, Manuel and Charles E. King.  1999.  Optimal rates of bisexual reproduction in cyclical parthenogens with density-dependent growth.  J. Evolutionary Biology. 12: 263-271. 

King, Charles E. and Justin Schonfeld.  2001.  The approach to equilibrium of multilocus genotype diversity under clonal selection and cyclical parthenogenesis.  Hydrobiologia. 446/447: 323-331.

Serra, Manuel, Terry W. Snell, and Charles E. King.  2004.  The timing of sex in cyclically parthenogenetic rotifers.  In: Moya, Andrés and Enrique Font (eds.), Evolution: From Molecules to Ecosystems.  Oxford University Press.  Pages 135-146.  

King, Charles E., Claudia Ricci, Justin Schonfeld, and Manuel Serra.  2005.  Evolutionary dynamics of 'the' bdelloid and monogonont rotifer life-history patterns.  Hydrobiologia.  546: 55-70.


A Carnival of Rotifers 

(Acrylic on glass by Berkeley Bayne)

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