• Trophic Cascades and Infectious Disease

    Trophic Cascades and Infectious Disease

    We explore how foxes and carnivore community structure influence prey communities and tick-borne pathogens

  • Sustainable Salmon

    Sustainable Salmon

    Salmon are used by commercial fishers, subsistence fishers, and wildlife. How can science inform this allocation problem?

  • Camera trapping

Welcome to the Quantitative Wildlife Ecology and Conservation Lab in the Department of Fisheries and Wildlife at Oregon State University. We work on ongoing basic and applied research in the Neotropics, Alaska, Oregon, and in the deciduous forests of Northeastern North America. Our research interests are very diverse, but typically address policy at the interface of human and natural systems. For example, we are interested in how anthropogenic disturbance to ecosystems influences the emergence of infectious disease, how to balance the allocation of salmon between humans and wildlife, and how to manage wildlife to meet livelihood and conservation goals in the Neotropics.

Recent Work

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Taal Levi

Assistant Professor

Trophic Cascades and Indirect Effects

How does the presence of one species influence other species? Are

Human Livelihoods and the Conservation of Neotropical Wildlife

How can we manage Neotropical wildlife and support human livelihoods?

Salmon, Humans, and Wildlife

How does salmon impact ecosystems? How much salmon do wildlife need?