Accounting Flow Vizualizer

This prototype program visualizes and animiates selected Income Statement and Balance Sheet account balances to tell an organization's financial story. Of course there is lots to do to improve it technically and vizually. View it with Google Chrome. Hint: use Ctrl- to make the images smaller so you can see them on screen.

This tool was developed at Oregon State University's College of Business by Byron Marshall with lots of student involvement from: Kevin Price, Andrew Marshall, and Miaoheng Yu. Send me an email if you use it or like it.

Click the "Load Demo Data" button to compare two fictitious restaurants. Or, save the text (.txt) file(s) from this list in a folder on your computer, On the visualizer: click "Choose File" to pick and open the file(s) you saved. Open both to compare. You can even make your own files if you mimic the input format.

Select a text file:

Select a text file:


Explanation of selected computations
Line Graphs
    Profitability=Profit/Revenue ((PROFIT/REV)*100)
    Current Ratio=(Cash+Receivables+Inventory)/Payables | According to InvestoPedia, Current Ratio = Current Assets / Current Liabilities
    Solvency Ratio=Total Asset/Total Liability (TTLAsset */TTLLiability **)
    *TTLAsset=Cash+Receivables+Inventory+Long Term Asset (CSH+REC+INV+LTA)
    **TTLLiability=Payable+Long Term Debt (PAY+LTD)
"Plugged" values in the financial statments.
    Other Expense in Income Statement is calculated as Revenue-Depreciation-Profit-Named Expense
    Owners Equity in the Balance Sheet is calculated as (Cash+Receivables+Inventory+Long Term Asset)-(Payable+Long Term Debt)