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BA272 Syllabus ACTG420 Syllabus BA372 Syllabus
eCampus Resources Restricted Survey Link  
Dr. Chen and Arizona's AI Lab Harry Jiannan Wang, University of Delaware Rob Miles' Cool CSharp book
Strand maps TeachEngineering Gondy Leroy
Couse Enrollment
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Big Data and Analytics
A cool panel discussion A NOSQL Article - Not Only SQL The problem: How does I provide the solution of knowledge management?
Business Analytics Roles Berkeley Data Science Training online: 18 months, $60k How to get going with Big Data: Modeling, stats, tools, and team
Types of Big Data Databases Data Prep is King Auditing Firms and Data Analysis
Text Mining
API for STS (Semantic Text Similairty) WEKA has a MOOC!  
Bioinformatics: Places Our Work Is Cited
Aggregated relations are combined with other data
Jiexun Li, Xin Li, Hua Su, Hsinchun Chen and David W. Galbraith
Bioinformatics 2006 22(16):2037-2043
A framework of integrating gene relations from heterogeneous data sources: an experiment on Arabidopsis thaliana
Notes that we propose aggregation to overcome false positives and redundancy for analysis
BMC Bioinformatics. 2006; 7: 171
Automatic pathway building in biological association networks .
Using Relations to Index Biological Document Repositories for Efficient Searching
"Marshall et al. proposed the use of biomedical pathway relations to index the digital library of abstracts maintained by PUBMED to help users harness the vast amount of information embedded in the documents."
Lipika Dey and Rohit Goyal, 2006
Digital Library: Places Our Work Is Cited
Murthy, Maier and Delambre .
The Effect of Student Model on Learning - Advanced Learning Technologies, 2008. ICALT '08. Eighth IEEE International Conference on, Issue Date: 1-5 July 2008, Written by: Maries, A.; Kumar, A. Steven Bethard , Philipp Wetzer , Kirsten Butcher , James H. Martin , Tamara Sumner, Automatically characterizing resource quality for educational digital libraries, JCDL 2009, June 15-19, 2009, Austin, TX, USA - Employs on our multi-facted approach to improve IRR
Wetzer, Bethard, Butcher, Martin, Sumner Automatically assessing resource quality for educational digital libraries International World Wide Web Conference 2009 C Lagoze, D Krafft, S Payette, S Jesuroga - D-Lib Magazine, 2005 Champeny, Borgman, Leazer, Gilliland-Swetland, Millwood, D'Avolio, Finley, Smart, Mautone, Mayer, and Johnson - JCDL 2004
McClellan, Harvel, Velmurugan, Borkar and Scheibe - CNT: concept-map based navigation and discovery in a repository of learning content Murthy, Richardson, Fox, and Delcambre - Second Int. Conference on Concept Mapping, San Jose, Costa Rica, 2006, Canas and Novak, Eds. Ahmad,de la Chica, Butcher, Sumner and Martin - JCDL 2007
Security Informatics: Places Our Work Is Cited
P.S. Sundararaghavan,Anand Kunnathur,Xiao Fang - Sequencing questions to ferret out terrorists: Models and heuristics, Omega Volume 38, Issues 1-2, February-April 2010, Pages 12-19 . Li Ding , Dana Steil , Matthew Hudnall , Brandon Dixon , Randy Smith , David Brown , Allen Parrish, PerpSearch: an integrated crime detection system, Proceedings of the 2009 IEEE international conference on Intelligence and security informatics, p.161-163, June 08-11, 2009, Richardson, Texas, USA Wu, F. and Tory, M. 2009. PhotoScope: visualizing spatiotemporal coverage of photos for construction management. In Proceedings of the 27th international Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (Boston, MA, USA, April 04 - 09, 2009). CHI '09. ACM, New York, NY, 1103-1112
Furtado, V., Melo, A., Coelho, A. L., Menezes, R., and Perrone, R. 2009. A bio-inspired crime simulation model. Decision Support Systems 48, 1 (Dec. 2009), 282-292 .    
Business Intelligence: Places Our Work Is Cited
Evaluating Business Intelligence Platforms: a case study; DELL'AQUILA, DI TRIA, LEFONS, and TANGORRA 7th WSEAS Int. Conf. on ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING and DATA BASES (AIKED'08), University of Cambridge, UK, Feb 20-22, 2008; "In fact, an effective business intelligence tool must be able to access quality information from a variety of sources stored in different forms, even in unstructured forms; in these cases, vertical collection-building and metasearching methods are necessary" Bill Kules and Ben Shneiderman; "Clustering web search results into dynamic categories, in which documents are grouped by similarity measures rather than explicit categorical attributes, has been investigated as an alternative to classification, and has been shown to improve on ranked lists for information retrieval metrics such as precision and recall"  
IS Thoughts
Security and the generational divide How secure is secure enough? Spreadsheet risks
Why IT Audit?
Overstock ERP $12.9m Security Oversight = data breach - Countrywide Hannaford to spend 'millions' on IT security upgrades after breach; CEO and CIO say grocer will encrypt payment card data, add new monitoring capabilities
SF Network Security Lockout Opinion: Why San Francisco's network admin went rogue Opinion: Four good reasons for Security to talk to HR
Metrics for IT Processes: Hard to develop Society General Fraud . Five reasons SocGen did not detect $7 billion fraud
How to spot -- and stop -- a spy Database admin steals 2.3M consumer records at Fidelity National subsidiary Study: IRS security vulnerable to social engineering
InfoWorld: Carol Brown on XBRL    
Programming Sources for Beginners
Variables defined, Matlab, C/java, Actionscript Variables: Teach yourself to program Video game oriented Variables: Programming Basics
C# Comments Variables, Constants at 2:03, discuss the definition "values with names assigned" what do you think? A place to tryout SQL Treehouse C# basics for beginners
An article on learning to program    
Master Data Management
Gartner Group Description Microsoft's Version IBM's MDM owernship
Oracle White Paper Oracle audio part 1 Data governance Intro (10:49) Oracle audio part 2 Data governance Impact (13:31)
Oracle audio part 3 Data governance Best Practices (10:14)