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This page highlights a few projects completed by OSU BIS (Business Information Systems) students at Oregon State University

These are all student projects:

- They are not polished up in a variety of ways
- The code reflects that students were learning at all levels while working on the projects
- Many of the BIS student projects of the past have been used to add value here at the College of Business

AND - Students learned a lot

- Organizational value was a key
- Cool technologies were explored

If you find one or more of these interesting or can use one or learn from it in some way, please send an email to byron.marshall@bus.oregonstate.edu. We won't want royalties, we would just like to know if our efforts are disseminated. Note: The BIS Club used to be known as SIM (Students of Information Management)
2018-19 Projects
Try out Aircrack NG
Tyler Prock, Keegan Firth
Cybersecurity Materials for School Student Learning
Isabella Lee, Ko-Chia Tsai, Muhammad Hassan, Preethi Pallekonda, and Sarah Cushing
2017-18 Projects
Improve the Accounting Flow Vizualizer
Miaoheng Yu
2016-17 Projects
Databases in the cloud (Azure) exercise.
  Jerome Scott on LinkedIn
Scripted Group Membership
Powershell script automatically assigns group memberships.
  Nick Derrickson on LinkedIn
COB Retention Analysis
Complex SQL statements allow for data inconsistencies and current data architecture to provided needed retention data for the College of Business.
  Hongjun Gao on LinkedIn
ETL: Data extracted from a web site are reformatted in a macro to better support analysis.
Excel formulas identify best-in-class funds while allowing for expected changes in the underlying lists. Saves hours of effort performed monthly.
  Jason Rizk on LinkedIn
Demostrate extracting transferring data between an Azure SQL database and an Azure document store database
Create a walkthrough that shows how to set up a DcoumentDB database on Azure and how to load data into in using a C# program.
Under construction
  Reece Kopald
  Robert Toumbs on LinkedIn
Quickbooks data is reformualted in Excel into a dashboard for top management to improve financial communication and save time.

  Joshua Boyles
2015-16 Projects
ETL from spreadsheet to QuickBooks for a family business.
  Conner Schumacher on LinkedIn
ESet ETL Project Expansion
Ingests XML from an external provider integrating locally-sourced data to produce data uploaded to a cloud-based app.
  Ian Bacon on LinkedIn
2014-15 Projects
Reads student IDs into an Excel spreadsheet for club attendance.
  Jaycob Cooper on LinkedIn
  Vania Alfitri on LinkedIn
  Chase Ellison on LinkedIn
Austin Hall ETL
Hourly integration of multi-source data using SQL Stored Procedures, Powershell Scriptings, WINSCP Automation, and Salesforce Data Downloads.
  Tyler Acevedo Tyler on LinkedIn
  Alex Rooke Alex on LinkedIn
  Kyle Copeland Kyle on LinkedIn
  Jerome Scott Jerome on LinkedIn
Automated Sharepoint Online Group Creation
Create project groups for classes in the cloud version of Sharepoint.
  Ezra Gross on LinkedIn
  Karl Benjamin on LinkedIn
  Miles Fajer on LinkedIn
SalesForce Automation Securely exchange data with Salesforce in a scripted fashion; integrate with other data using a C# program. OSU Change Management Audit Review change management processes for an OSU client; evaluating risks, controls, and audit objectives to generate supportable conclusions.  
Scripted Group Creation to support group work in Sharepoint. Cloud integration: Digital Measures to Drupal Facilitate transfer of data from one cloud system to another, adapting to security and other infrastructure/logical constraints. A query to retrieve activity on a Sharepoint site to assess participant activity.

We know some of these could be "open sourced". Some have functionality provided by available tools. All can be improved. But we learned a lot!
If you would like to learn more about us please see: The OSU Business Information Systems Program or the BIS Club site.
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