PI: Jessica Miller, Associate Professor

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Current Graduate Students:


Reva Gillman, MS

Thesis: Japanese tsunami marine debris dispersal event and associated

invertebrate biota.

Angie Munguia, MS

Thesis: Characterizing feeding ecology and food web linkages of yearling

Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) emigrating through the Lower

Columbia River and Estuary

Prior Graduate Students:

                                    Erin Fedewa, MS, 2015

                                   Thesis: Temperature effects on pre- and post-settlement processes in Gulf

                                    of Alaska northern rock sole (Lepidopsetta polyxystra): integrating

                                    across early life stages

                                    Current position: Research technician, Auburn University

Marisa Litz, PhD, 2016

Dissertation: Feeding Ecology and Growth of Juvenile Chinook Salmon

(Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) During Early Marine Residence

Current position: Fisheries Biologist, Washington Department of

Fisheries & Wildlife



                                        Jose Marin Jarrin, PhD, 2012

                                        Dissertation: The role of surf zones in the early life history of Chinook salmon

                                        Current position: Research Scientist, Charles Darwin Foundation  


                                     Andrew Claiborne, MS, 2013

                                     Thesis: Size-dependent survival of Columbia River hatchery and naturally-reared

                                     Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) during early marine residence 

                                     Current position: Fisheries Biologist, Washington Department of Fisheries & Wildlife




                                  James Losee, MS, 2012

                                  Thesis: Does interannual variability of trophically transmitted parasites in

                                  Chinook and coho salmon relate to physical and biological processes in the

                                  Northern California Current? 

                                  Current position: Fisheries Biologist, Washington Department of Fisheries & Wildlife


                                 Ruth DiMaria, MS, 2011

                                 Thesis: Spatial structure and source contribution of Pacific cod recruits

                                  in the southeastern Bering Sea

                                 Current position: Biological Technician, Smithsonian Environmental Research



                              Londi Tomaro, MS, 2010                                             

                               Thesis: Year-class regulation of mid-upper Columbia River spring Chinook

                               salmon Oncorhynchus tshawytscha: the role of juvenile size, growth,

                               and migratory behavior

                               Pamela Archer, MS, 2009

                               Thesis: Re-establishment of the native oyster, Ostrea conchaphila, in

                               Netarts Bay, Oregon, USA

Undergraduate researchers:

Sawyer Finley, NSF REU Intern, Summer 2017

James Akau, Living Marine Resource Cooperative Science Center (LMRCSC) intern, 2015

Nichelle Smith, Living Marine Resource Cooperative Science Center (LMRCSC) intern, 2014

Laurelyn Perry, NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Intern, Summer 2013

Xana Hermosillos, LMRCSC Summer Intern, 2012

Ashley Silver, LMRCSC Summer Intern, 2012

Kristen Gloecker, NSF REU Intern, Summer 2011 (with B. Black)

Ernestine Ahgeak, NSF REU Intern, Summer 2010 (with T. Hurst)

Laurelyn Perry, Centers for Ocean Sciences and Education Excellence (COSEE) Intern, 2010

Hilary Browning, NSF REU Intern, Summer 2009, Stable isotopic analysis of Chinook salmon otoliths:

a record of past environmental conditions and life history (with J. McKay)

Nicole Goehring, NSF REU Intern, Summer 2008, Interannual variability in diet, growth, and residency

of juvenile Chinook salmon

Stefanie Gera, NSF REU: Migratory history of juvenile steelhead along the Oregon coast

Lab Manager: Thomas Murphy