Recent and on-going research projects:

Project ArAGATS

Adam T. Smith, University of Chicago


Illuminating the institutional fabric and political economy that drove political centralization and consolidation in Transcaucasia during the Late Bronze Age of the mid-Second Millennium B.C.

INAA is contributing to the research goals of these and other projects.

At the End of Empire: The Late Imperial Site of Inca-Caranqui, Northern Highland Ecuador

Tamara Bray, Wayne State University


One avenue for gaining insight into the nature and extent of state interactions with the local populace is to identify the locus of production of imperial wares. Were local potters conscripted by the state for the production of Inca pottery or were such wares imported from elsewhere? Compositional studies of local clays and imperial ceramics provides direct insight into vessel provenance and allows for the reconstruction of key aspects of production and circulation.

Oaxaca Clay Survey

Leah Minc, Oregon State University


Trace-element and mineralogical analyses of clays from the Valley of Oaxaca, to help establish ceramic provenance.

Oregon State University Archaeometry Lab