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THESE NOTES HAVE NOT BEEN UPDATED SINCE 2002 OR A BIT EARLIER -- I ADVISE NOT RELYING ON INFORMATION FROM THESE PAGES! This section of notes contains information on global forests (trends in deforestation and consequences), and then focuses on forests of the Pacific Northwestern US (the "PNW") as a case study.

To help you find what you are looking for, notes in this section are organized according to the following outline. You can click on the highlighted topic to jump to it.

A. Global trends in forest cover, and consequences.

B. An historical perspective on forests of the PNW, including a discussion of forest fragmentation and its consequences.

C. The Northwest Forest Plan -- a quick look at the various land allocations that now apply to federal forests on the west side of the Cascades in OR, WA, and N. CA (more detail will follow, eventually, in another section).

D. What is so special about old-growth forests?

E. What are the "unique" structural features that characterize old-growth forests of the PNW, and how do they affect forest composition and function?

F. What is happening in terms of changes in forest management in the PNW?

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