For each major unit, I provide a list of "Unit Goals and Questions" which are intended to help you review the major concepts covered. (To look at these study guides, click on the "Contents" box at the bottom of this page, then choose the study guide you want to see. Or, click study guides, here, to read more about ways that they can be used or to jump to particular guides.) These Unit Goals and Questions are also designed to help you focus on ways in which each of the units is connected to each of the others (interconnectedness is a primary theme of this course).

The Web version of these Unit Goals and Questions contains links to the places in the lecture notes where the topic was first or primarily introduced. These do not take you to the only place in notes where the topic is referred to, but to one place to jog your memory.

These study guides also include suggestions for further reading on each topic. These are strictly optional, but will be useful if you want more information. If you need still more information, please see me as I maintain extensive files on all of these things.

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