Exams from winter 2013 are included in these materials, as are answer keys. BE ADVISED that course material changes from year-to-year, so you should use these exams only to give insights into the kinds of questions to expect! If you see questions that appear unrelated to course materials, don't panic! Chances are that they are unrelated THIS YEAR. It would be best for you to "take" the exams without referring to the answer keys, and then to check yourself.

In addition, because topics are time-sensitive, some data from 2013 may have changed by now -- so, use your own information from class THIS YEAR to guide your thinking!

Some links are provided from within questions to places in the web notes where the topic being asked about is first or primarily introduced. Remember, however, that a given topic is usually referred to at several places in those notes, so you'll want to review them in their entirety. Remember also that more information is included in the web notes than I have time to present in class, and that you are not responsible for the additional information given in the web notes unless I indicate otherwise for a particular case. Rely primarily on your in-class notes when preparing for exams.

The following exams and keys are available (just click on the one you want):

BI390000.gif Midterm (2013)

BI390000.gif Key to Midterm (2013) and to Final Exam (2013)

BI390000.gif Final Exam (2013)

Dates for exams in 2014:

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