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These notes provide an introduction to the material that will be discussed in BI301, Human Impacts on Ecosystems during winter term, 2014, and to course procedures. Notes on two of the topics that we'll discuss in the first lecture are included here as well (see "What is an ecosystem?" and "Causation in environmental sciences" near the bottom of this page.

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BI390000.gif Web Supplement (describes this supplement in more detail, including rationale for its inclusion)

BI390000.gif Readings (philosophy and requirements; for a week-by-week list of readings, click Syllabus )

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BI390000.gif Topics for this term (brief discussion of topics to be discussed; click "Contents" at the bottom of this page for a full listing)


BI390000.gif What is an ecosystem (describes ecosystems, their properties, and services they provide)

BI390000.gif Causation in environmental sciences (discusses alternative levels of causation)

BI390000.gif Relevant web links (provides some relevant links to other Web resources, emphasizing general sources of environmental and ecological information; additional links are provided from within lecture notes)

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