The study guides contain high-level goals for what I hope you will take away from each unit. In some cases, these are formulated as questions. I hope that you will use the questions in discussions with your colleagues and to review for tests and quizzes.

The guides also contain additional references for each unit. These are for your own information only. You will find them useful if you want to learn more about a topic for your own information, or if you are writing a term paper or making a presentation on the topic in another class. Most of the references are from the "primary literature;" that is, they are from scientific journals, essentially all of which are available in the OSU library. I also have hard copy of most of these references in my file, and am happy to lend them to you.

You can jump to the study guide of interest by clicking on the topic, listed below. To move to notes on that topic, return to the Contents page by clicking on the box at the bottom of this page, and then click on the topic from there.


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