Finite Element and Material Point Method
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The JANFEA application is finite element and material point method analysis software for the Macintosh. JANFEA was written by Prof. John A. Nairn from the Wood Science and Engineering Department at Oregon State University. This application is free. You can download it in the Downloads section of this page. Although it is free, it requires an unlocking code to tap all the features. Follow the instructions in the "Read Me" file of the download to get your free code.

JANFEA is now Legacy code. I started writing it in 1990. It runs native in Mac OS X, but still works on classic Macs. Because parts of the code are very old, however, it would be extremely difficult to convert to Universal Binary for the new Intel Macs. Instead, all development has shifted to a new product called NairnFEAMPM. The new application is Universal Binary, has every feature of JANFEA, and has many new features not available in JANFEA. Like JANFEA, calculations are run by input command files. Unfortunately, the command languages are different and thus NairnFEAMPM can not use JANFEA command files. The approach of the two command languages, however, are similar making it fairly easy to convert JANFEA calculations into NairnFEAMPM. Downloading Options

The following identical downloads for JANFEA will give you a folder with the JANFEA application, a "Read Me" file, and a few calculation example files. Although JANFEA is free, it requires a registration code to unlock all features. You can download for evaluation and later get a code by on line registration.

JANFEA Download Size (MB) Updated
JANFEA 4.80 (in a zip archive)
This download may be the last update posted for JANFEA. All users are recommended to switch to NairnFEAMPM.
1.1 25 OCT 2007
JANFEA 4.80 (in a sit archive)
This download is the same as the previous one, but in a Stuffit archive.
1.1 25 OCT 2007

JANFEA requires a Power Macintosh (any new Macintosh including iMac, G3, G4, etc.). Decompressing the "sit" download requires the free StuffIt Expander. JANFEA should work on any MacOS 8.1 or newer, however, 8.6 or newer is recommended and MacOS X is preferred.

To see what's new, contact information, disclaimers, and more, open the help window using the "Help" menu in the downloaded application.

Free Registration

JANFEA system is free but uses an unlocking code to help monitor those using the application. By registering you will hear about developments and/or about any problems that might arise. To get a free registration code, fill out the form on the registration web site. A free code will usually arrive by email within a few days. While waiting you can use the application in "Trial Mode".


JANFEA is being developed as during the author's past research programs. This research has been supported by various organizations. Some specific acknowledgments go to:

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