John Nairn Research Software
Wood Science & Engineering
Oregon State University


This web site has links to applications and source code for research software being developed by Prof. John A. Nairn and his research group in the Wood Science and Engineering Department at Oregon State University.


Icon Description
NairnFEA and NairnMPM Code Engines - Information on obtaining and compiling a cross-platform C++ code engines for doing finite element analysis and material point method analysis
NairnFEAMPM - For MacOS X, you can download this complete package for setting up finite element and material point method calculations, running them, and visualizing the results.
    This download, however, does not include any source code. See the OSUPDocs Wiki site for details or working with source code and on using NairnFEAMPM as tool for controlling and visualizing calculations (see the next row in this table if you do not have MacOS X).
NairnFEAMPMViz - This Java tool is a platform-independent application for setting up finite element and material point method calculations, runing them, and visualizing the results.
    Those with MacOS OX should use NairnFEAMPM, but those on other systems should use NairnFEAMPMViz. It has most of the same features, although lower quality graphics and no 3D visualization.
JANFEA - Macintosh-only application for FEA and MPM analysis. This application has been replaced by NairnFEAMPM and only makes sense for use of very (very) old Macs that cannot run NairnFEAMPM. JANFEA is use completely different (and out of date) code engines for the calculations.


For information not covered on this web site, contact John Nairn at