Community Service

As a sorority focused on diversity, we hope to expose the minds of every community member to the diverse world, but also make an impact at our campus and surrounding community by engaging in community service.
DPO OSU strives to engage our members in variety of community service projects in order to broaden each sister's perspective and help every aspect of our local area.

Not only does our organization perform group work, but all sisters devote their own time to individual service as well.
These acts of service and dedication allows the members of Delta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc. to become well-rounded individuals and learn the true meaning of selflessness, commitment, and community.


Look out for our Annual Literacy Through Unity Week: Winter 2010

Join Us in our annual Literacy Through Unity Week this winter to help raise money for children's

literacy and education!

All proceeds go to our national beneficiary: ASHA for Education






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