Mark Novak
Assistant Professor
Office: Cordley Hall 3006
Lab: Cordley Hall 3009
Ph: (541) 737-3610
Lab ph: (541) 737-3120


Postdocs & Senior Associates

Alison Iles
Humboldt Postdoctoral Fellow

Community ecology, species interactions, allometry, climate change
Dan Preston

Freshwater ecology, disease ecology, species invasions, food webs, ecosystem functioning


Graduate students

Kyle Coblentz
NSF Graduate Research Fellow & Provost Fellow
Community Ecology and Dynamics; Interaction Strengths; Mathematical Modeling of Ecological Systems; Marine Invertebrate Ecology
Shannon Hennessey
NSF Graduate Research Fellow, Provost Fellow & ARCS Foundation Fellow
Marine invertebrate ecology; predator-prey interactions; eco-evolutionary responses to environmental variability; quantitative ecology
Zachary Randell
NSF Graduate Research Fellow
Community structure and stability; predator-prey interactions; kelp forest ecology
Leah Segui
NSF Graduate Research Fellow & NSF GROW Fellow
Community ecology; predator-prey interactions; energetics


Lab manager, Techs & Associates

Landon Falke
Research Technician

Quantitative ecology; Aquatic food webs; Anthropogenic impacts and global change; Fisheries management and conservation
Daniel Gradison
Research Technician



Stephanie Merhoff
Biology major with a Marine Biology option
Marine ecology; predator-prey interactions; invasive species
Jonathan Schwartz

Marine ecology; Animal behavior; Conservation biology



Trevor Bark

Microbiology w/ minors in Chemistry and Actuarial Science
Alicen Billings
Natural Resources Watershed Management
Research Assistant
Julia Bingham
Duke University
PhD student: Marine Science and Conservation
Sensitive Barnacles: Quantifying life history processes of Pollicipes polymerus in Oregon to evaluate harvest potential
Jeremy Henderson

Lab Manager
Kurt Ingeman

Smith Fellow Postdoctoral Scholar
Tamara Layden
Oregon State University
Zoology major with a minor in Chemistry
Hamza Moulvi

URSA Engage fellow, University Honors College, Biology Major
Complex networks in kelp forest ecosystems: Visualizing big data
Wendy Saepharn

Research Assistant
Isaac Shepard

University Honors College, Biology Major with Marine Biology Option
Beatriz Vaca

Research Technician
Chris Wolf

PhD. student, Department of Statistics (Advisor: Alix Gitelman)