Current Teaching

I'm running the summer teaching portion of Data Science for the Public Good.

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About Me

I am currently an Assistant Professor (Senior Research) in the Dept. of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology and Data Engineer for the TISLab at Oregon State University. Most recently I was a Senior Faculty Research Assistant at the Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing at Oregon State University. I earned my Ph.D. in May of 2012 from the University of Notre Dame, in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, and my Bachelors in Computer Science from Northern Michigan University in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Other things I find interesting include art (wood, glass, and digital media). I have a fondness for mathematical logic, certain areas of philosophy, hiking, martial arts, electronics, nerf blasters, and programming. Feel free to visit my actual homepage for more.

On the left is me taking a break from catching butterflies several years ago. As you can see, I like photography too. On the right is a more recent picture.

Research Interests

My bioinformatics research has focused on haplotype assembly from short read fragments and de-novo transcriptome assembly assessment. I also study the unique effects of climate change on individual insect populations.

Previously, I've worked on Online Algorithms and theory, in particular applying them to problems in finance and inventory management such as the newsvendor problem.

Contact Info

  • CGRB Office: ALS 3021, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR
  • Email: shawn.oneil-@-cgrb-.-oregonstate-.-edu (remove dashes)