Luke Pangle
    PhD Candidate, Water Resources Graduate Program
    Oregon State University

I conduct hydrological research at Oregon State Univeristy with Professor Jeff McDonnell and other collaborators.  I have broad interests in hydrological  processes occurring within the vadose zone and at hillslope to catchment scales, and work at the interface of multiple disciplines including hydrology, soil physics, and ecosystem ecology.  Two overarching questions motivate my research:  1) How do interactions and feedbacks between climate variation, vegetation function, and soil properties influence soil moisture dynamics, groundwater recharge, and streamflow generation?  2) How do the same environmental factors affect the time scales of water flow and solute transport in the subsurface?  To investigate these questions I utlize manipulative experimentation and observational data sets, including analyses of stable-isotope tracers, and apply physically-based models of water flow and solute transport to aid hypothesis testing.  Answering these questions will improve our understanding of the terrestrial hydrological cycle.