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(zapovidnyky or reserves)

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Forest and Hunting Magazine

Other biological institutes

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I could not find any good pages that would talk about all Forestry Institutions and Organizations in Ukraine. I will try to list here what I know and give you the web sites known to me.
A note about telephone numbers listed: 38 (code of Ukraine); in parenthesis for example (044) is city code in Ukraine; then a telephone number.

Forestry Research Institutes:

Read about the current state of the Ukrainian National Forest Monitoring Program.

You can find an additional information about them at

Forestry Universities:

Forest Colleges:

Forest Schools:

Forest and Hunting Magazine

Chief Editor : Valentina Maksimenko
vul. Khreschatyk 5, room 403
252601 Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone/Fax 38 (044) 229-1191

Other biological institutes

(Note! Fax and email often have a bad connection in Ukraine!)

Central Botanical Garden, Kiev

252014 Kyiv, Ukraine
Timiryazevskaya, 1
(044) 2954105
(044) 2961063 (fax)

Nikitskii Botanical Garden

334267 Yalta, Ukraine
p/o Botanicheskoye
(0654) 335597
(0654) 335386 (fax)

Institute of Botany

252601 Kyiv, Ukraine
Tereschenkovskaya, 2
(044) 2244041
(044) 2241064 (fax) (email)

Institute of Zoology

252601 Kyiv, Ukraine
Khmelnitsky, 15
(044) 2241070
(044) 2241569 (fax) (email)

Institute of Ecology of the Carpathians

290000 Lviv, Ukraine
Chaikovskyi, 17
(0322) 725809

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