Forests and Forestry in Ukraine

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Short Information about Ukraine and Forests.

Country Area 603,700       233,090 sq.mi
Population 49.1 million (mid-2001)
Population Density 81.3 per
Forest Area 93,995       36,291 sq.mi (15.6% of country area)
Temperature min -36-(-42) degrees Celsius (-32.9-(-43.6) degrees Fahrenheit)
max 38-41 degrees Celsius ((100.4-105.8) degrees Fahrenheit)
Precipitation annual 500 mm (20")

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Forest Management

Most of the forests in Ukraine (7175 thousand hectares or about 70%) are managed by the Ukrainian State Committee of Forestry (USCF) that is part of the Ukrainian Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources.
The official webpage of the USCF can be found at this address:

For the management purposes, federal forests are divided into 2 groups.

1. Forest land area in the first group is 3412.6 thousand hectares including 2850.2 thousand hectares of forest covered land. The first group of forests includes green belts around cities and industrial centers (37.6%), riparian areas (11.4%), soil erosion control forests and windbreaks (30.4%), forest belts along roads and railroads (6.9%), resort forests, nature preserves and other forests.

2. Limited timber harvest is allowed in the forests of the second forest group. They cover the area of 3692.2 thousand hectares including 3301.2 thousand hectares with forest cover. (from Gensiruk, 1992).

Forest Monitoring

Ukrainian national forest monitoring system is organized, performed and guided by the scientific organizations of
Ukrainian State Committee of Forestry (USCF).

General supervision is provided by the Scientific and Information Department of the USCF.

The Laboratory of Forest Monitoring and Radioecology at the Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry and Forest Melioration (URIFFM) is the main forest monitoring implementation center in Ukraine.

The monitoring network covers main forest regions of the country and represents different geographical zones. It consists of 330 plots in 18 administrative regions of Ukraine and Autonomous Republic Crimea.

Read about the current state of the Ukrainian National Forest Monitoring Program.


Major Forest Species in Ukraine

Forest Species
dereva dereva

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English Name       Scientific Name       Ukrainian Name      
Pine mostly Pinus sylvestris Sosna
Spruce mostly Picea abies Yalyna evropeiska (smereka)
Fir mostly Abies alba Yalytsya
Oak mostly Quercus robur Doob
Beech Fagus sylvatica Book
Hornbeam Carpinus betulus Grab
Ash Fraxinus excelsior Yasen
White Locust Robinia pseudoacacia Akatsiya
Birch Betula pendula Bereza
Alder Alnus incana and A. rubra       Vil'kha

On this page you can view some maps on forests in Ukraine constructed by Maksym Polyakov.

Percent forest cover.

Forest cover

The list of other maps:
1. Percent of forest land by administrative region.
2. Percentage of forests where final felling is not allowed.
3. Mean standing volume in cubic meters per hectare of forest land.
4. Mean age of forest stands (years).

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