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I was born in the San Francisco Bay Area but raised in rural northeast Oregon. In 1994 I began my undergraduate studies at Oregon State University, and five years later graduated summa cum laude with separate bachelor's degrees in history and sociology, minoring in political science and economics. As an undergraduate I earned over $18,000 in scholarships, including an OSU Presidential Scholarship and College of Liberal Arts Dean's Scholarship. I was also the recipient of numerous honors including, in 1998, the Arthur E. Gravatt Award for the year's best undergraduate History seminar paper and the Faculty Essay Award for writing excellence in Sociology. In 1999 the Department of Sociology bestowed upon me the William C. Jenné Award for outstanding undergraduate scholarship. That same year, I was also one of five individuals honored as Outstanding Senior by the College of Liberal Arts.

In the Fall of 1999, after two years as a student assistant, I joined the Oregon State University faculty as a full-time employee of the OSU Libraries Special Collections. Since then, my primary focus has been the cataloging of the Ava Helen and Linus Pauling Papers, an enormous task culminating in the publication of the six-volume Pauling Catalogue, for which I served as lead editor. In addition to my duties as co-curator of the Pauling archive, I have been heavily involved with the creation of a number of Pauling-related digital libraries and have spearheaded several preservation initiatives as well.

My work likewise includes daily reference responsibilities pertaining to all of the twenty-plus major collections housed in our department. In my position as Faculty Research Assistant, I have accumulated a great deal of experience teaching classes, leading tours, cultivating donor relationships, creating displays, organizing conferences and marketing a variety of products and events. I am also, by now, very familiar with both the dictates and vagaries of United States copyright law as it pertains to archival institutions.

Looking toward the future, I am very excited by the manifold opportunities presenting themselves to the world of Archives and Special Collections. I am particularly interested in pursuing methods by which the dynamism and relevance of digital archival collections might be enhanced both locally and worldwide. To this end, I am continually striving to develop my technical acumen, and at this point am reasonably proficient with HTML, CSS, XML, EAD, METS/MODS, TEI, Photoshop and a handful of database applications familiar to many archivists.

In 2005 the former Karen Russ conferred upon me the greatest honor that I shall ever receive by granting her hand in marriage. Our shared hobbies include bicycle touring (link), gardening, photography and obsessing over the various athletic pursuits of our beloved OSU Beavers. (Well...that last one is mainly mine.)