Session 11

The Essentials of Delivery Systems, Peter Hirtle, Cornell University

Image management systems are a good way to retrieve, display and navigate the many scanned images produced by digitization processes. Image management systems may also help acquire, store, index, secure, export, transform and preserve digital assets. In most cases image management systems will:

Image management solutions vary widely in complexity, performance and cost. The ideal solution for a given project depends upon the size of one’s database, the expected demand for images, the volatility of one’s data, the desired functionality of a given project and the availability of local technical resources. Other elements to consider include access to a controlled thesaurus, flexibility in database design, the expected life-span of one’s data and, if the lifespan is expected to be permanent, the potential for migration of data from one standard to another.

A few key concepts to keep in mind:

Advantages of using image management systems versus “home made” databases:

And Disadvantages…