Session 15

Business Models for Digital Projects/Programs, Nancy Allen, University of Denver

Ed. Note: This presentation was geared almost entirely toward securing funding for projects by private-sector or non-profit cultural heritage institutions. Very little of the talk applied to an academic library setting. As such I have summarized only those few points that are relevant to OSU Libraries.

Market Research

Very few libraries do market research in the classic business sense, and assume that they know what is in the best interest of library users. As part of a market research strategy, libraries can do focus groups, point of use surveys, web surveys, etc. to find out what users/visitors want.

Evaluation and Usability

Usability studies, or web use measures are common. Less common are studies measuring the impact of having access to content. Customer focus groups prior to a project’s release, teacher interviews and pre- and post-testing for student learners are all innovative ways to evaluate the usability and effectiveness of a project.