Fall 2019: Matilde Lalin (University of Montreal) and David Krumm (Reed College)

Date: Saturday, November 23, 2019
Location: University of Oregon


• 11:00-12:00 -- Matilde Lalin (University of Montreal), Lecture I
• 12:20-1:30 -- Lunch
• 1:30-2:30 -- David Krumm (Reed College)
• 3:00-4:00 -- Matilde Lalin (University of Montreal), Lecture II

Previous meetings:

Spring 2019 (Portland State University):
• Chantal David (Concordia University), Lecture I: Explicit Sato-Tate conjecture and other equidistribution conjectures for elliptic curves
• Chantal David (Concordia University), Lecture II: Distributions for elliptic curves over finite fields
• Neha Prabhu (Queen's University): The error term in the Sato-Tate law of Birch

Winter 2019 (Oregon State University):
• John Voight (Dartmouth College) Lecture I, Definite quaternion orders with stable cancellation (lecture slides)
• John Voight (Dartmouth College) Lecture II, Computing Belyi maps (lecture slides)
• Piper H (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Lecture I: Equidistribution of shapes of (certain) number fields
• Piper H (University of Hawaii at Manoa), Lecture II: How to Become a Liberated Mathematician in 13 Painful Years
• Poster presentations by Allison Arnold-Roksandich (Oregon State University), Charles Camacho (Oregon State University), Sarah Frei (University of Oregon), Matthew Jobrack (Washington State University), Manar Riman (University of Washington), and Joe Webster (University of Oregon)

Spring 2018 (Portland State University):
• Rachel Pries (Colorado State University) Lecture I, Newton polygons of cyclic covers of the projective line. (video of this lecture)
• Rachel Pries (Colorado State University) Lecture II, Generalizing a Galois action on the homology of the Fermat curve. (video of this lecture)
• Özlem Ejder (Colorado State University): Sporadic points on X_1(n). (video of this lecture)

Winter 2018 (Oregon State University):
• Ken Ono (Emory University) Lecture I, Polya's Program for the Riemann Hypothesis and Related Problems (lecture slides)
• Ken Ono (Emory University) Lecture II, Can you feel the Moonshine? (lecture slides)
• Asif Zaman (Stanford University), A new formulation of the Chebotarev density theorem
• Posters presented by Jetjaroen Klangwang (Oregon State University), Peter Cho-Ho Lam (Simon Frasier University), and Daniel Reiss (University of Idaho)

Fall 2017 (University of Oregon):
• Kirsten Eisenträger (Penn State University) Lecture I, Undecidability in number theory. (video of this lecture)
• Kirsten Eisenträger (Penn State University) Lecture II, Existentially and universally definable subsets of global fields. (video of this lecture)
• Travis Scholl (University of Washington), Isolated elliptic curves in cryptography.

Support has been provided by:

    National Science Foundation
    Pacific Institute for the Mathematical Sciences
    Number Theory Foundation
    College of Arts and Sciences, University of Oregon
    Oregon State University College of Science and Department of Mathematics
    College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Portland State University


Shabnam Akhtari University of Oregon
Derek Garton Portland State University
Clay Petsche Oregon State University
Holly Swisher Oregon State University

Email: oregonnumbertheorydays@gmail.com