Dr. Ron Reuter, OSU Cascades

Ron Reuter

Associate Professor of Natural Resources, Department of Forest Ecosystems and Society, Oregon State University - Cascades Campus

PhD - University of Minnesota 1999 (Soil Science and Water Resources)
MS - University of Idaho 1995(Soil Science)
BS - Penn State 1992 (Environmental Resources Management)
Restoration Ecology, Pedology, Wetland Soils, Landscape Ecology
Courses Taught:
Ecosystems of Wildland Soils (CSS366), Wetland Ecology (FW 479), Soil Science (CSS 205 & 305), Soil Classification and Morphology (CSS 466), World Soil Resources (CSS 395), Introduction to Water Science and Policy (GEO 335), Field School (FOR 353), Current Issues in Natural Resources (FES 365), Soil Judging (CSS408), Surface Processes (GEO322), Ecological Restoration (FES445), Managing Natural Resources for the Future (NR201), Natural Resoruces Decision Making (NR455)
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Beaver Dam Analogs for Restoring Riparian Vegetation
Restoration of vernal pools of the Northern Great Basin
Ecology and restoration of western juniper-invaded rangelands
Effective pedagogy in online science education
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  Graduate Students
  • Kevin Hesson, Soil Science. MS Project – Soils and Restoration on the Pacific Slope of Costa Rica.
  • Kathryn Alexander, Forest Ecosystems and Society. MS Project – Restoration with Bluebunch Wheatgrass: Soils, Seeds, and Seedlings
  • Bruce Moffatt, Soil Science. MS Project – Vernal pools and climate change impacts in the Northern Great Basin.
  • Devin Stucki, Forest Ecosystems and Society. MS Project - Management and Restoration in the Wetlands Camas Prairies of the Upper Columbia Basin Network
  • Sara Wyland, Water Resources Science MS Thesis: Development of baseline data on Oregon's high desert vernal pools, 2013
  • Lesley Jones, Water Resources Science MS Thesis: Evaluation of Instream Flow Restoration Targets and the Carrying Capacity of Oncorhynchus mykiss according to Temperature, Whychus Creek, Deschutes Basin, Oregon, 2011
  • Mike Logan, Water Resources Science. MS Thesis: Water Chemistry of Oregon Cascade Wilderness Lakes: A Comparison to 1985 Data, 2010
  • Laura Dlugolecki, Forest Resources.  MS Thesis: A characterization of seasonal pools in Central Oregon's high desert, 2009
  • Chris Miwa, Forest Resources. MS Thesis: Persistence of western juniper resource islands following canopy removal, 2007
  • Kelly Zophy, Forest Resources. MS Thesis: Spatial and age class analysis of managed western juniper (Juniperus occidentalis) woodlands in central Oregon, 2006

Contact Information:
Ron Reuter
Oregon State University - Cascades Campus
1500 SW Chandler Ave
Bend, OR 97702
(541) 322-3109
fax: (541) 322-3139
email: ron.reuter@oregonstate.edu