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Current Graduate Students


Patricia Valcarcel

M.S. Thesis:

Space Use Of The Giant Garter Snake: Implications For Wetland Restoration


Past Graduate Students

Craig DeMars

Ms. Thesis:

Wildlife Response to Remnant Oregon Oak Legacy Trees and Woodlots

Learn about Craig's project -- In the Oregonian


Jeff Rosier

Ms. Thesis: Space-use ecology of bats in an arid ecosystem


Dan Catlin


Ms Thesis: Analyses of Breeding Dispersal in Burrowing Owls following an experimental predation event.

Current Position: Ph.D. student, Virginia Polytechnic and State University



Nate Chelgren

Master's Thesis: Quantifying dispersal probabilities of red-legged frogs as influenced by size and rainfall

Current Position: Wildlife Ecologist, U.S.G.S. Corvallis, Oregon


Kate Haley

MS Thesis: Relationship of nest attendance and predation on the reproductive success of burrowing owls: A field experiment.

Current Position: Wildlife Ecologist, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation                             Commission

Noelle Ronan

MS Thesis: Environmental and biological factors affecting reproductive success and site fidelity of burrowing owls in a grassland ecosystem.

Current Position: Wildlife Consultant

Melissa York

MS Thesis: Relationship between plant and butterfly community composition on upland prairies of the Willamette Valley, Oregon

Current Position: School Teacher, Sacred Heart Catholic School, Medford Oregon