Habitat Selection by Spotted Owls

Understanding spotted owl ecology continues to be important to their management on both public and private lands. In this project, we attempt to estimate selection patterns of northern spotted owls in the forested ecosystems of the Oregon Cascades and Coast Ranges. We are developing methods that allow a rigorous approach to understanding space-use patterns of spotted owls using previously collected data on individual movements as estimated with radio-telemetry data. We are incorporating recent advances in GIS capabilities to incorporate stand-level forest structural attributes as well as a landscape approach in describing space-use patterns.

        Dr. Robert Anthony, Oregon Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
        Dr. Eric Forsman, U. S. Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Forest Science Laboratory
        Ms. Kit Hershey, U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service
        Dr. William Ripple, Dept. of Forest Resources, OSU

Primary Sponsors:
        U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service