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Burrowing Owl Educational Videos

The Burrowing Owl Research And Education program is pleased to present instructional film on the natural history and conservation of Burrowing Owls. Thanks to the generosity of the Office of Naval Engineering and Field Activities West, and the capabilities of Peregrine Productions, these videos were produced as a means of providing the public, both children and adults, timely information about a charismatic grassland bird species, the Burrowing Owl, and its environment. This video augments the research we have been conducting on this species.

DVDs and videos are available at a discounted cost thanks to support for their production. Both videos are now available on one DVD in Spanish and English for just $10 from Peregrine Productions to cover shipping and handling. A free study guide is available for teachers of 7-12th grade.

To order, contact Dan Rosenberg, dan.rosenberg AT oregonstate.edu

The Natural History of the Burrowing Owl

A 3 minute film on the biology of Burrowing Owls, intended for use at visitor centers and similar educational facilities. This short documentary describes how the owls acquire their burrows and follows the owls' life cycle from pair bonding to the dispersal of their chicks. Available only
on DVD.

The Natural History of the Burrowing Owl



Going Underground: The Natural History and Conservation of Burrowing Owls

A 17 minute film on the biology and conservation issues of Burrowing Owls, with an emphasis on conservation issues in California. Intended for ages 12 - adult. This film introduces viewers to the secretive life of the Burrowing Owl. This documentary discusses how environmental factors and human population pressures, such as commercial development and agriculture, affect these owls. It also explains some of the research aimed at finding solutions. Available on both DVD and Video formats.

Going Underground: The Natural History and Conservation of Burrowing Owls