This page provides an overview of my current research projects (as well as major projects I've worked on in the past). This includes the research I did for my Bachelors thesis (seamount internal structure), which I will be expanding on during my PhD. Also included is my Masters thesis work (automatic fault extraction), which I am not actively working on at the moment.

Most of my work currently focuses on understanding the formation of the Walvis Ridge seamount trail in the South Atlantic. I am using 40Ar/39Ar geochronology to date basalts dredged from the young Walvis Ridge guyot province, a broad region of diffuse seamount volcanism that provides an interesting geologic puzzle.

Dredging seamounts of the young Walvis Ridge guyot province on the R/V Melville (Cruise MV1203, South Atlantic).

Dredging seamounts of the Rurutu hotspot (Guam - Tuvalu - Fiji) on the R/V Roger Revelle (Cruise RR1310, West Pacific).