Karen M. Shell     


Karen M. Shell

Associate Professor
Climate Science Program Head
College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Oregon State University
104 CEOAS Admin Building
Corvallis, OR
Tel: (541) 737-0980
Fax: (541) 737-2064
Email: kshell@coas.oregonstate.edu

My broad research goal is to gain an improved understanding of various feedbacks within the earth's climate system. These feedbacks shape how temperatures, precipitation, and winds respond to changes in the energy budget of the planet. The tool I use is climate modeling. Because there is only one realization of the actual climate (i.e. there is only one earth), climate models are useful in allowing us to study different scenarios and climate configurations in a very controlled setting. Of course, we have to be very careful when interpreting model results, since they do not correspond exactly to the actual climate. This is why using a variety of models can help us determine which system behaviors are robust responses we might expect to see in reality and which are highly sensitive to the specific configuration of the climate model.

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