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Radiative Kernel Technique for Calculating Physical Feedbacks in Climate Models

Download the CAM radiative kernels here. The GFDL kernels are available from Brian Soden's website. These kernels are described in the Soden et al. paper below. Please let me know if you use the kernels, so I can include usage information in my grant reports.

Note: The unit in the albedo file is wrong. It should be w/m^2/(0.01 increase in fractional albedo). That is, the kernel corresponds to an increase of 0.01 in the albedo (though it maxes out a 1).

For water vapor, the units are the change in ln(specific humidity) that corresponds to an increase of 1K at that grid point. You need to calculate, for your model, what this change is.

* This download is courtesy of the American Meteorological Society, who owns sole rights to it. The download is subject to AMS copyright laws and statutes. For more information, please visit the Allen Press/AMS Journals Online website at http://www.ametsoc.org.

This work is partially supported by NSF ARRA award ATM-0904092.

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