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Scientific Illustration

Following are several examples of my scientific illustrations. All of these
drawings were rendered by hand on hot press Strathmore paper in pencil or
in ink. Photographs, detailed measurements and/or a camera lucida were used
to ensure that each image accurately reflects the original specimen.
Labelling and final clean-up of each image were accomplished in Adobe
Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Click on thumbnails for full-size images.

Schizodon lower jaws (2006)

Curimatella alburna skull (2005)

Pseudanos infraorbitals (2004)

Pseudanos suspensoria (2004)

Pseudanos winterbottomi (2004)

Leporinus cf. niceforoi skull (2003)

Bear jaw (pencil) (2003)

Bear jaw (stipple) (2003)