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Athletes are encouraged to take the short


to see how their current knowledge
and practices stack up against recommendations.
This Teaching-Quiz helps student athletes
begin to achieve a quality base nutrition program.

Athletes answering questions in a way that might limit their performance are linked directly with educational resources to help teach them how to make the necessary changes that will improve performance thorough better fueling habits.

Individualized information, athletes with injury, illness or needing
special focused attention should also schedule an appointment with the
OSU Athletic Department Sports Nutritionist.


Appointments can be scheduled for the following and any other nutrition related concern
•  Nutritional analysis & assessment for individualized plans
•  Grocery Store Shopping Expeditions
•  Body Composition Assessment and Modifications
•  Gaining Lean mass or losing body fat
•  Best body comp for competition
•  Skin-fold, Bodpod, DXA
•  Strategies for fueling competition
•  Travel Nutrition
•  National, International, multi-event
•  Environmental considerations
•  Eating on Campus
•  Dysfunctional eating and eating disorder evaluations
•  Nutritional consulting re: iron status, bone density, female athlete issues, supplement evaluation

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