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  1. Do you eat a good breakfast at least 6 times per week?
    Breakfast is the food you consume before 9 am
    A GOOD breakfast includes:
    Carbohydrate, low-fat protein, low-fat diary and or Fruit
    Breakfast can be a pre-training snack and a post training food.
    I call this a “progressive meal”
    Example breakfasts

  2. Is dinner and/or post practice when you eat the most of your days food?

  3. Do you eat a high carbohydrate food within 40 minutes of practice?

  4. Do you take any of the following individual supplements? Iron, Calcium, Multivitamin, Vitamin D, other single nutrient supplements.

  5. Do you choose mostly lower fat food options and avoid fast food, fried foods, and foods with a lot of cheese or white sauces? Do you avoid eat lower fat dairy foods and avoid sausage, bacon, pepperoni and salami?

  6. Do you drink at least 2 liters (that's two full green Gatorade bottles) of water per day?

  7. If you live off campus, do you cook at home?

  8. Trying to gain muscle? Do you take muscle building supplements like: creatine, N02, amino acids, mass gainers or eat primarily protein foods?

  9. Trying to Gain Muscle ? Do you CONSISTENTLY do ALL of the following?
    Do you eat breakfast every day?
    Do you eat every 2-3 hours?
    Do you drink only fluids that have nutrient dense calories? (Milk, 100% fruit juice)
    Do you drink your fluids between meals so you can eat more solid foods at meals?
    Do you supplement your meals with extra PBJ sandwiches, trail mix, milk, Italian style dressings, in addition to eating lots of carbohydrate and protein combo meals?

  10. ARE YOU DIETING? Trying to lose weight and having little or no success, DESPITE eating breakfast, drinking a lot of water, eating a lot of fruits and vegetables and lean proteins as well as eating whole grain carbohydrates throughout your day?

  11. Have you had your body composition tested?

  12. GIRLS ONLY! Do you have regular monthly periods even when not on birth control?

Good Job!
You are on the right track to nutritional success!

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