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ATHLETES need a nutritional strategy to optimize performance just like they need training programs and performance strategies to achieve the win.

ATHLETES who are under fueled or inappropriately fueled for training will not make the gains and improvements necessary to translate training into competitive success.

It comes down to the questions…
Are you feeding? Or are you fueling?

Feeding is:


Fueling is:

Based on taste only
Excessive intake or under intake
An afterthought
Poorly timed relative to training
Often high in fat and or sugar
Highly processed
Requires no food preparation or planning
Eating that makes you feel sluggish, easily fatigued and or overly hungry during practice



Well organized
Balanced between what your body needs as an athlete and what your mind wants
Considers your needs for training, fueling during and recovery from practice
Reflects the science of sports nutrition
Includes attention to timing and quality of food eaten
Allows room for well timed “special foods”
Takes some planning but does not become a preoccupation
Results in perfect body composition that reflects your individual training programs.

Fuel for performance and success!




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