About the Conference

The theme of the workshop is connections between types of representations, particularly Galois representations, and L-functions, elliptic curves, and other objects of interest in number theory.

The format will be a hybrid of a traditional conference and a workshop with lectures in the morning and afternoons devoted to collaborative work. We hope that bringing together experts on these various objects will encourage collaborations in new directions.

During the afternoons, some people will work on the L-function and Modular Forms Database, the LMFDB. Here is the beginnings of a developer's guide.

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There will be a $20 registration fee for this conference.


Funding is provided for speakers and invited participants. There is some additional travel funding available for additional people who would like to attend the conference. Preference will be given to students, post-docs, and junior researchers without other means of support and to members of underrepresented groups.

To apply, send an e-mail to the organizers with your:

Conference Support

NSF The National Science Foundation
EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council


John Cremona University of Warwick
David Farmer American Institute of Mathematics
Paul Gunnells University of Massachusetts Amherst
John Jones Arizona State University
Holly Swisher Oregon State University