Javier Felipe Tabima R., M. Sc.

Ph. D. student and assistant researcher at the Grunwald Lab at Oregon State University

Evolution and speciation in plant pathogens. Speciation, evolution, genomics, bioinformatics and Football (The REAL football).


Current Research:

Phytophthora evolution and speciation @ Oregon State University / HCRL-USDA

  • Host speciation in the genus Phytophthora

  • Phylogeography and phylogenetics: Origin, migration patterns and evolution using bayesian phylogenetics
  • Computational methods for PopGen: R packages such as poppr and web-interfaces such as Phytopthora-ID
  • Genomics of Plant Pathogens: Genome assembly, annotations and variant calling in different Phytophthora species


  • Master in Biological Sciences, Biology: Universidad de los Andes, 2010
  • Bachelor in Sciences, Biology: Universidad de los Andes, 2009

Non-scientific activities: