Rebecca Terry
Assistant Professor

Office Phone: 541-737-3723
Lab Phone: 541-737-3919



Tara Smiley
I am an evolutionary paleoecologist interested in how climate and landscape history shape the diversity, biogeography, and ecological structure of mammalian faunas across spatio-temporal scales.


Graduate students

Michael Brawner
My research interests are in Evolutionary Ecology and how organisms adapt to changing environments.
Brian Tanis
My research interests surround mammalian evolutionary ecology, particularly looking at how mesocarnivore interactions impact communities and populations over time and space.
David Taylor
I am interested in population, community and landscape structure, and more specifically the ecology of mammals and other taxa with which they interact.


Juniper Grimes
I am interested in how small mammals respond to a changing landscape. I use morphometric and stable isotope analysis to quantify species' response across spatial and temporal scales. .
Jesse Laney
I am interested in community ecology of birds and small mammals and ways in which citizen science can be applied to conservation research.


Lab Alumni