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Prerequisite Skills Checklist

Ask for help with any of these skills via the first Group Discussion.


I know how to...

  1. Use Duo for logging in.
  2. Use VPN for security off-campus.


I know how to...

  1. Turn your computer on and off. *** Restart at least once per week for optimal performance.
  2. Turn the volume up and down.
  3. Copy, Cut, Paste, Save, Print with keystrokes.
  4. Adjust the screen brightness and contrast.

Operating System

I know how to...

  1. Make software updates.
  2. Connect to the internet.
  3. Download a program, Acrobat (.pdf) file, or picture file. Locate the Downloads folder.
  4. Install and manage virus software. *** See the Service Desk in Milne Hall.
  5. Open an application/program.
  6. Rename a file.

Cloud / Drive Management

I know how to...

  1. Make a new file in an application.
  2. Copy a file from one folder/directory to another.
  3. Copy a file or folder/directory from the hard drive to a cloud drive or external device.
  4. Search for a file online.
  5. Login to multiple cloud accounts via the browser: OSU Google Drive or OSU SharePoint Microsoft Drive
  6. Back up to USB, Cloud, and Zip every day!


I know how to...

  1. Setup an email account.
  2. Send and receive email.
  3. Update the name that will show when someone receives the email.
  4. Attach a document to an email.
  5. Download email attachments and file them on your hard drive.


I know how to...

  1. Adjust Notifications in Settings.
  2. View Announcements.
  3. View Assignment Due and Available Until dates (hover over dates to reveal times).
  4. View the Assignment File Upload and Commenting options.
  5. Confirm Assignment submission.
  6. View Grades Comments, Rubric, TurnItIn.
  7. Calculate Grades based on assignments.
  8. View the Calendar and Coming Up list.
  9. View Group assignments.
  10. Use NetTutor Writing Service (Ecampus).
  11. Navigate the Discussion with search, collapse/expand, subscribe, more menu, etc.
  12. Make a hyperlink in the Discussion.
  13. Listen to assignments, discussions, etc. with built-in tools and keystrokes or with browser extensions
  14. Write to the Instructor from the Canvas Inbox.


I know how to...

  1. Install and use Chrome to ensure the textbook components are legible as intended.


I know how to...

  1. Shift-refresh chapter pages to see corrections.
  2. View the Scoring Criteria at the bottom.
  3. Expand and Collapse orange headlines to see lessons.
  4. Click the blue Objectives menu at the top to jump to specific steps in the outline.
  5. Launch the Canvas Inbox when you have a question.
  6. Launch the Library Chat when doing research.