CS 195 Web Design

Oregon State Univerity, School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

About the Instructor

For 30 years, I have designed print and online promotional materials for small and medium companies in the USA. For 10 years, I have been selling my fine art paintings at exhibits on the West Coast. And for 13 years, I've been teaching technology courses at OSU. Combining these activities keeps me whole!

Philosophy of Teaching/Learning

Challenging both sides of your brain (the creative side and the logical side) will transform you into a well-rounded designer. Some of you are already that designer and some of you don't know yet that you can become that person who creates beauty out of code! play_for_workGoogle has this icon called Play for Work. To me it represents the joy I feel when being creative with logical languages. I expect to transfer that joy to you!

infoCatalog Description

How to design and publish a static website using an existing publishing platform: Techniques and tools for designing and publishing on the World Wide Web; hypertext and HTML; site and page design; media integration; issues raised by Internet publishing.

Courses that require this course as a prerequisite: CS 295 Web Management.

cloud_queueFall grainWinter: Two 1:50min lecture/demonstration/practice sessions per week (Tues/Thurs). Extended office hours are provided in lieu of a separate lab.

assessmentMeasurable Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  1. Understand and discuss the language of the Internet and web page authoring.
  2. Demonstrate the development process.
  3. Demonstrate best practices.
  4. Envision, design, prototype, produce, test, and promote a web site with consistent and meaningful navigation, quick-loading images, and compliant HTML and CSS.
  5. Recognize good navigation and compliant code.

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This 11-week course touches on the use of four languages, which may be new to you. Even if you have no prior knowledge, you can succeed in this class, if you:

I will score your work as soon as possible after you submit it in Canvas, so you can continue working ahead. In some cases, you won’t want to work on the site until I’ve scored it. To view the comments left in the Gradebook, please do one of the following:

  1. Click the week’s Assignment in Canvas.
  2. Click the Score in the Grades area in Canvas.

If I left questions, or if you suspect a grading mistake, please use the Commenting area of that graded item to ask me questions about it. I don’t want to discuss grading issues in public but will rely in written communicates so that we both have a record of the exchange.

OSU’s definitions and guidelines for quarter credits implies that for each hour in class, you’ll spend 2 hours outside of class. For this 4-credit course that means a total of 12 hours per week (8 hours outside of class). Be sure to use the Chat forum often to help save time!


The following is adapted from Dr. Susan Shaw, Oregon State University


In the first 7 weeks, you'll work on the design of a modern résumé while learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and a bit of JavaScript. Don't let this intimidate you! The instructions will ensure your success as long as you stay engaged and try what you read.

During the last 3 weeks, you'll plan and build a new website based on what you learned as well as additional new skills if you are ready for a challenge.

live_helpWeekly Tech Support Chat (10 points)

Chat sessions are due before class on Tuesdays.

buildWeekly Chapters with multiple Lessons (302 points)

Each project assignment is due on Friday afternoon by 5:00pm. No more than one late assignment is allowed during the term. Weekly assignments include multiple lessons from a single chapter.

buildWeekly Quizzes (80 points)

Quizzes will take place in class on Thursdays. Come prepared and be on time.

Each of the first 8 chapters provides a quiz worth 10 points each. Write answers in your own words. Check the Canvas Announcements and Calendar for schedule changes, if any.

assignmentFinal Peer Review (10 points)

The Final requirement will be a Peer Review (rather than a formal exam) which takes place during finals week.