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CS 391: Social and Ethical Issues in Computer Science

Oregon State University, College of Engineering

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Class starts on Monday, January 6, 2020 and ends on Friday, March 20, 2020.

This textbook may undergo changes before the first day of class.

This course provides an in-depth exploration of the social, psychological, political, and ethical issues surrounding the computer industry using a variety of research, writing, and collaboration activities which meet BACC Science, Technology and Society (STS) synthesis requirements. You'll explore ethical theories, the balance of power related to rights, privacy, and cybersecurity, hiring and marketing issues, hardware and software issues, infrastructure and access to disruptive technologies, bias in the high-tech industry, the future of computing, and ethical dilemmas. The overall goal is to improve your decision-making in the workplace of your future. Complete Chapter 1 right away...it will prepare you for the rest of the term. This course requires high-speed broadband internet to access all lessons, media, and software. Drop this course if you anticipate having inefficient internet service during the term.

Follow this path for best results:

  • Weekly Schedule

    Add notes about this typical schedule to your calendar so you stay on track:

    • Monday through Thursday:
      Understand the week's goals. Explore Topics and begin writing.
    • Thursday:
      Submit the Explore Topics file.
    • Friday:
      Start examining a case (research). Visit office hours if you need clarification.
    • Weekend: Post your research in the Discussion groups. Reply to your groupmates before 8:00am Monday.
  • 🔘Chapters & Assignments

    Be prepared to spend 4 to 9 hours each week. Listen to articles when your eyes are tired.

    Complete activities in each chapter in sequence to help you succeed. Each contains:
    • Objectives.
    • + Explore Topics
    • + Examine a Case Discussion.
    • ◯ Scoring criteria.
  • Feedback and Help

    Assignment Reply to Grades → Assignment → Comments when you have questions about your score.

    Rubric View feedback in the Rubrics.

    Ask personal and technical questions via the Canvas Inbox.

    Ask for computer technical support via the OSU Service Desk.