Social and Ethical Issues in Computer Science ~ CS 391 Social and Ethical Issues in Computer Science ~ CS 391

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For people working in the advanced field of Computer Science, technological progress seems painfully slow. And yet, there are many who argue that the forces of technology are already too strong and changing the face of the earth too fast for society to cope. Given this polarity of thinking, your education demands a pause to confront the social, legal, and ethical issues presented to us by the problems and advances in the field, if we are to be socially responsible producers and consumers of technologies.

This course will address the issues in a variety of research, writing, and collaboration projects which meet BACC Science, Technology and Society (STS) synthesis requirements as well as prepare you for future decision-making in the workplace.

Why We Must Teach Ethics Along With Programming
By Joshua Rivera, FastCompany, 2014.


๐Ÿ”‘ Be prepared to spend 1+ hours per day searching, reading, synthesizing, interacting with librarians, reviewing classmates' work, and asking me questions (for a weekly total of 7 to 9 hours).

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โœ Writing requirements ensure you demonstrate scholarly work. Print this page for easy reference. 

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