OSU's WGSS 320 Gender & Technology BACC course

Gender & Technology Updated April 17, 2016

Cultural Research Topics

If you see a topic listed here, another student has already committed to it and you may not use that same topic.

  1. Dr. Margherita Hack , Italian Astrophysicist
  2. Yueh-Lin Loo, Maylasian Chemical Engineer
  3. Juliana Rotich, Kenyan Software Developer
  4. Temple Grandin, American Animal Behaviorist
  5. Rosalind Franklin, British X-ray Crystallographer
  6. Reshma Saujani, Indian Founder of Girls Who Code
  7. Anna Mani, Indian Meteorologist
  8. Dr. Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian Biochemist, Nobel winner
  9. Jessica Matthews, Nigerian American Energy Inventor
  10. Dr. Erna Hoover, American inventor of telephone switching tech
  11. Dr. Ada E. Yonath, Israeli crystallographer
  12. Hedy Lamarr, Austrian inventor of frequency hopping
  13. Ruzwana Bashir, Pakistani British inventor of Peek Travel App
  14. Maya Penn, American Designer
  15. Laura van 't Veer, Dutch inventor of MammaPrint
  16. Marie Van Brittan Brown, Jamaican inventor of the closed circuit TV security system
  17. Alice H Parker, American inventor of indoor heating
  18. Dr Tal Rabin, Israeli Computer Scientist/Cryptographer
  19. Dr. Camille Palmer, Nuclear Scientist at OSU
  20. Joy Mangano, American inventor of household products
  21. Bette Nesmith Graham, American inventor of Liquid Paper
  22. Samantha Cristoforetti , Italian Astronaut
  23. Dr. Katherine Johnson, American Space Scientist
  24. Dr. Stephanie Kwolek, American Chemist, inventor of Kevlar

Spring 2016 Student Projects

  1. Erin Akin
  2. Benjamin Appleby
  3. Hanna Bolender
  4. Kelly Bystedt
  5. Erin Ellefsen
  6. Makenzie Fine
  7. Kathrine Gifford
  8. Ashley Gledhill
  9. Mckenna Hollingsworth
  10. Sara Howard
  11. Alexis Johnson
  12. Andrew Johnson
  13. Rebecca Kilian
  14. Marissa Lee
  15. Mikela Manewa
  16. Tammy Nelson
  17. Sarah O'Bannan
  18. Devon Polacek
  19. Lanesha Reagan
  20. Claire Redfearn
  21. Nancy Sinha
  22. McKenzie Southard
  23. Brittany Tse
  24. Shelby Ulam
  25. Sarah Van Kessel
  26. Blake Wright

Gender Lens Topics

If you see a topic listed here, another student has already committed to it and you may not use that same topic.

  1. Lammily Dolls

Financial Analysis Topics

Any topic works for this project...what are you dreaming of? Your peers have these ideas:

  1. Live in Spain for a year
  2. Travel Spain for 2 weeks
  3. Tropical Spring Break


 I'm doing it! Research and blogging, that is. 

OSU Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is pleased to welcome you to Gender and Technology, a course where you will explore women's contributions to technological advances, discuss how technology development is biased, and learn to use technology to further your studies and increase career opportunities.

Class starts on Monday, March 28, 2016.

I look forward to working with you this term!

M. Van Londen

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