OSU's WGSS 320 Gender & Technology BACC course

Gender & Technology Updated June 11, 2015

Financial Analysis Topics

Any topic works for this project...what are you dreaming of? Your peers have these ideas:

  1. Travel to Japan
  2. Become an ultrasound technician
  3. To travel to Europe
  4. Travel to New Zealand
  5. Travel to Italy, Hawaii, or Australia
  6. Start a craft business
  7. hike the Pacific Crest trail from Canada to Mexico
  8. Visit family on O'Ahu
  9. Visit family in Europe
  10. Study abroad in Greece.
  11. Study abroad or live in NYC
  12. Travel through Europe
  13. Travel to Disneyland
  14. Travel to Japan
  15. Restore a Datsun 280Z
  16. Spend a month on Maui
  17. Start a HVAC business
  18. Become a Medical Doctor
  19. Attend Coachella
  20. Stay at Atantis Bahamas
  21. Self-publish a book
  22. Travel to Hawaii
  23. Hike Machu Picchu
  24. Travel to Australia and New Zealand

Gender Lens Topics

If you see a topic listed here, another student has already committed to it and you may not use the same topic.

  1. Auto GPS
  2. Mega Bloks and Barie
  3. Skateboard
  4. Digital Camera
  5. Washing Machine
  6. Birth Control
  7. Windshield Wiper
  8. Shampoo
  9. Apple Operating System iOS
  10. Lammily, fashion doll
  11. Easy Bake Oven
  12. Microwave Oven
  13. Circular Saw
  14. Mechanical Dishwasher
  15. Kevlar
  16. USB Stick Drive
  17. Condoms
  18. Birth Control Pill
  19. Electric or gas stove/oven
  20. Apple iPad Tablet
  21. Rigamajig Toy
  22. Snowboard
  23. Coffee Maker
  24. Goldi Blox
  25. Autonomous Vehicles
  26. Miss Possible Dolls

Cultural Research Topics

If you see a topic listed here, another student has already committed to it and you may not use the same topic.

  1. Dr. Ruth Gonzalez, Mexican Mathemetician
  2. Cher Wang, Taiwanese High Tech business owner
  3. Vanessa Hurst, American Computer Scientist
  4. Doris Kim Sung, Korean thermo-bimetals scientist
  5. Reshma Saujani, Indian founder of Girls who Code
  6. Tan Le, Vietnamese Electroencephalographer.
  7. Betty Holberton, American ENIAC programmer
  8. Stephanie Kwolek, American inventor of Kevlar
  9. Ana Roca Castro, American Education Tech Developer
  10. Radia Perlman, American programmer
  11. Marie Van Brittan Brown, American inventor of home security devices
  12. Jessica Matthews America co-inventor of sOccket.
  13. Catarina Mota, Portuguese Computer Scientist
  14. Dr. Maria Telkes, Austrian solar energy inventor
  15. Ingeborg Hochmair, Austrian Cochlear Implant inventor.
  16. Hedy Lamarr, Austrian inventor
  17. Anna Haupt and Teresa Alstin, Swedish Invisible Helmet inventors
  18. Juliana Rotich, African co-founder of Ushahidi,
  19. Rachael Zimmerman, Canadian inventor of Blissymbol Printer
  20. Dr. Temple Grandin, American Animal Behviorist
  21. Katherine Blodgett, American Physicist
  22. Krista Donaldson, Canadian engineer of prosthetic limbs
  23. Dr. Alexa Canaday, American Neurosurgeon
  24. Dr. Flossie Wong-Staal, Chinese Molecular Biologist.
  25. Rapelang Rabana Botswanian technology entrepreneur
  26. Neelam Dhawan Indian Computer Scientist
  27. Dr. Shirley Jackson, American Physicist
  28. Dorothy Arzner, American inventor of the boom mic


Explores women's contributions and focuses in fields. Analyzes gendered nature of technology. Theory and practice of technologies. (3 credits) BACC Synthesis. The Baccalaureate Core (Bacc Core) Curriculum represents what the OSU faculty believes is the foundation for students' further understanding of the modern world. Informed by natural and social sciences, arts, and humanities, the Bacc Core requires students to think critically and creatively, and to synthesize ideas and information when evaluating major societal issues. Importantly, the Bacc Core promotes understanding of interrelationships among disciplines in order to increase students' capacities as ethical citizens of an ever-changing world.

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