WGSS 320 Gender & Technology

Oregon State Univerity, School of Language, Culture, and Society


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OSU Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies is pleased to welcome you to Gender and Technology, a course where you will explore women's contributions to technological advances, discuss how technology development is biased, and learn to use technology to further your studies and increase career opportunities.

Class starts on Monday, April 3.

Complete Chapter 1 right away...it will prepare you for the rest of the work.

I look forward to working with you this term!

M. Van Londen

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Cultural Research Topics

If you see a topic listed here, another student has already committed to it and you may not use that same topic.

  1. Ana Roca Castro, American Language Engineer
  2. Sophie Vandebroek, Belgian Electro-Mechanical Engineer
  3. Maryam Mirzakhani, Iranian Mathmetician
  4. Maneula Veloso, Portuguese Robotics Engineer
  5. Margaret Hamilton, American Software Engineer
  6. Jeannette J. Epps, American Astronaut
  7. Mary Jackson, American Computer Engineer
  8. Hedy Lamarr, Austrian Inventor
  9. Stephanie Kwolek, American chemist
  10. Juliana Rotich, Kenyan Software Engineer
  11. Raji Arasu, Indian Computer Engineer
  12. Hertha Marks Ayrton, British Engineer
  13. Juliana Rotich, Kenyan Software Engineer
  14. Tessy Thomas, Indian Missile Engineer
  15. Maria Telkes, Hungarian-American Solar Engineer
  16. Rita Levi-Montalcini, Italian Physiologist
  17. Katharine Burr Blodgett, American Chemical Engineer
  18. Ann Lambrechts, Belgian Engineer
  19. Stephanie Wilson, American Astronaut
  20. Stephanie Wilson, American Astronaut
  21. Hedy Lamarr, Austrian Inventor
  22. Grace Hopper, American Computer Scientist
  23. Divya Nag, American Biotech Engineer